A Tiny Kitchen Gets Me Every Time


When I tell people I have a tiny kitchen, they don’t always get it. But, here you have it folks, my tiny, tiny kitchen. As a “blogger” there’s a lot of pressure to show the amazing life one lives. But, it’s not all roses and sunshine. Some of us have stinky feet, bad hair days and small (but not that cute) apartments. It’s true. Now, while the kitchen may be tiny, which I resented in the beginning, I’ve grown to love it’s efficiencies—I can literally get something out of the fridge and pop it right in the oven with a mere pivot.


Speaking of the fridge, here it is in all it’s apartment-sized glory. Postcards and photos make it the bright spot of this most compact kitchen.


Since drawer space is at a premium, we’ve taken to bringing our most often used items out in the open. Above the sink hangs tongs, measuring spoons, a corkscrew and a can opener (not pictured) along with several hand-me-down mugs. The way I see it, it’s better to have these hanging out in the open than the cat food piled up in a corner (that’s in the bottom drawer, don’t ya know?)


Just below these kitchen is the sink, as I mentioned, and the strainer… you know, for the dishes. The dishes that are all washed by hand. Oh yes. Scroll back up to the top friends, this high-efficiency kitchen doesn’t have a dishwasher other than yours truly & Mr. Gets Me Every Time himself. So, one of the newest additions to our tiny, tiny kitchen is Fresh Infusions Lime Basil Dish Soap. It smells fantastic. And it (duh) cleans the dishes. Bonus—the bottle is not bad looking either.


Across from the sink (in the windowsill) sit all the other things that would be stuck in otherwise used drawers. And the plant! All this (and not much more) lives in our cozy kitchen. And while it’s far from the kitchen of my dreams, thank you Pinterest, it does the job. Do you have any small kitchen tips? We can use all the help we can get.


Palmolive Fresh Infusions did not pay me to mention their new soap in today’s post. I do love them though. Influenster gave me these soaps complimentary to test out in my tiny, tiny kitchen. 



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