Taco Superlatives Get Me Every Time

When I first embarked on my Taco Project over the summer, I had no intention of writing my wrap-up post in December. But, there’s nothing like thinking about eating tacos and drinking a cold summery drink to convince me that winter won’t be that bad. So, without further ado, here’s the promised wrap-up of my 20-Taco Summer Project.

Most Disappointing

Sorry, Chicken Chorizo Taco. You just didn’t do it for us. The bar was set so high. We were going to be lifelong friends. Maybe we’ll try again next summer? Works for me.

Most Gourmet

Oh, Cilantro Pesto Steak Tacos, you had me at “hello.” Thanks to an abundance of cilantro, these guys were born. It was a happy accident really. This one comes highly recommended. Enough said. Go get your food processor out and make some pesto.

Best Disguise

Is it a taco? Or is it a spicy barbecue dish? Who knows? Actually, I know. It was a taco. A Slow-Cooker Pork taco. And the flavors of the pickled jalapeño and side of refried beans perfectly mirrored the flavors of a summer cookout. Ahhh, summer.

Best Dressed

These Chipotle Lime Shrimp Tacos had just the right bite and all the right fixins. The marinade on the shrimp offered up just the right amount of spice and citrusy flavor.

Most Loved

I really cannot express to you guys how good these Crispy Chicken Tacos are. Good enough to be made multiple times. Good enough to be made at least once a week.

Closing Remarks

I mentioned it more than once during the whole 20-Taco expedition, all tacos seem to taste better with avocado. It’s just a given here at this point. Avocado, guacamole. Whichever, doesn’t matter.

Second, three quarters of the way through this journey, you may have noticed that it was all corn tortillas, all the time. Now, you may just think it’s because I bought one of those huge bags. I wish you were right. Truth is, I found out that I needed to go off the gluten. No big deal though. Onward and upward, right?

Lastly, there a lot of tacos that walked the thin line between “taco” and “wrap” that I wanted to try but haven’t yet. Italian tacos featuring sausage and peppers. Buffalo Chicken Tacos featuring blue cheese and celery.  But, are they really tacos? Who’s to say? Not me.

While I won’t be publishing another taco series, I’m so happy I explored all the possibilities, finding some new favorites along the way. I’ve got a few ideas planned for 2013’s food project. I’ll be starting earlier in the year, so look forward to something yummy in January.

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