November Got Me Every Time

Here. I. Am. Did you miss me? The last time we did this was October 26. Before Halloween. More than a whole month ago. And a whole lot has happened that I want to tell you about.
You see, the store has been swamped. I got a huge order that some of you may know about. (I’ll tell the rest of you as soon as I can, promise.) Add to that the start of the holiday rush. It’s been busy, no doubt.
Let’s not forget the full-time day gig I’ve got that has taken me to DC and Maine in the past month.20121210-084306.jpg
It’s just been a crazy fall all around. The kind of crazy that sometimes leads to colds, the flu and a little bit of knockdown illness. Riding the couch sickness that keeps you home from work. Everyone is well now. Including the cat.
And cue gratuitous cat photo.
And since we’re talking cats… Why not mention there’s only one set of kitty coasters left in the shop.
So, of it’s OK with you guys, we’re going to go back before we go forward. I want to share our European trip with you. I want to tell you about the latest dance show. I want to show you new products from the shop.20121210-084254.jpg
Since we’re all on board with this plan, grab yourself a muffin and settle in. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

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