Customization Gets Me Every Time


So, part of the reason I’ve been MIA is because of a big order I received through my Etsy shop. Since finishing that 500-piece order, I’ve begun to stock the shop with ready to customize business card holders. Basically, these guys are all ready to go. You just pick a color and order. Any time you see the colored border, like on the horse above, it means you can choose the color.


There are a few horses, plus some more unusual creatures. Like, for instance, this friendly squirrel, shown in metallic copper.


Or this otter, shown in metallic light gold. He’d look great in any color though, right?


Or this blue bunny—like the ice cream. So, if you choose the color shown, your animal will ship right away. But, you can customize as you please, of course. There is also one lion left! And don’t forget about that raccoon, below. Plus, more animals to come. Pigs, hippos, bulls and more. Stay tuned.


PS! You still have a little bit of time left (US friends) to order for Christmas. Check out the shop for full details!

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