Slow Cooker Beef Tacos Get Me Every Time

The end is here. It’s taco 20/20!

As I mentioned yesterday, we recently returned from being away from home—and from the kitchen. So, as soon as we got back from our trip, I knew I wanted a home cooked meal that was easy, satisfying and had some spice. Don’t get me wrong, we ate like kings while away, but I just needed, what else but some tacos.

The last time I used chipotle peppers in adobo sauce in a taco, it was spicy, even by my measure. So this time, I balanced out the recipe by adding some extra cocoa powder to the slow cooker.

If you do a quick search, there are tons of recipes to follow. (You dont need another one from me.) I just did my thing though. A little of that, a little of this.

Shell: Store-bought corn tortillas
Filling: Chipotle beef, see above
Toppings: Lettuce, diced tomato, Colby jack cheese, & semi-homemade salsa

Results: the balance of chipotle to cocoa to salsa was right on. Overall, this was a perfect end to the taco project. Watch out for the full recap next week.

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