Magazine Piles Get Me Every Time

Remember when I said October was for organization? Well, I was serious about it. And today’s one of those days.

It’s time for a moment of truth here. I love magazines. I love subscribing to them, buying them, reading them and, worst of all, saving them.

Now, I’ve tried magazine files and the like, but nothing has worked. So now, I offer up to you, how to organize your magazines—or how to save your magazines without really saving them.

First, right when you get them, read them! As you do, dog-ear the articles you are interested in. Step away from the magazine and in a few days, look back and see if you want to save those pages. If you do, carefully rip them out.


After ripping out the pages, simply scan them as PDF pages, saving them to a folder on your computer.


Finally, take the individual pages and sort them into categories. For me it’s mainly recipes, fitness routines and home tips. Each category gets a master PDF that you can add pages to regularly. I prefer to store mine “in the cloud” using DropBox or iCloud. Then, they’re always accessible from my phone, tablet or laptop.

Do you have a magazine organization system? Does this sound like too much work to save magazine clippings? Are you just pinning all the way? Let me know!

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