Terrific Turkey Chili Tacos Get Me Every Time

Welcome back, taco-loving friends. Today, if you like tacos and you also like chili, have I got a taco for you. Make these Terrific Turkey Chili Tacos (taco #17/20) and satisfy both cravings tonight.

Per usual, if you have chili on hand from Sunday or whenever it is you make your chili, perfect. I’m finding taco Tuesday is a great way to use up leftovers during the week. But, if you don’t have any leftover chili around, this is a great recipe to start with—it’s loaded with veggies.

On most tacos, you guys know I load up the toppings. But, there’s so much great stuff packed into this chili that I kept it pretty simple. Lettuce, cheese and loads of hot sauce kicked this taco into high gear.

Adapted From:
Store-bought “hard taco” shells
Filling: Terrific Turkey Chili
Toppings: Jalapeno cheddar cheese, chopped romaine & about half a bottle of Trader Joe’s chili pepper sauce

Modifications: Remember last week when I said leftover chicken was the way to go. Well, leftover chili also seems to be the way to go.

Results: Remember when I mentioned if you love tacos and you love chili, you really can’t go wrong. Well, I’m standing behind that. I’m also standing behind the ridiculous amount of hot sauce I poured all over these. De-lic-ious.

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