Sweet Potato Tacos Get Me Every Time

Here in New England, it’s become sweater weather almost overnight. So on this Taco Tuesday, I’ve got just the thing to bridge the seasons. (Not to worry, friends in warmer climates, you’ll eat these up too.)

This week, I’m grabbing a little inspiration from Oprah with her sweet potato tacos. When you follow O’s recipe to the T, it’s quite delicious, but last time I had sweet potatoes baked and left over from a weekend cooking session, I just improvised here and there.

Now, if you’re thinking that these tacos don’t look gorgeous, I will agree. But, looks aside, these sweet potato tacos are just the thing to add some spice to a Tuesday night.

Shell: Store-bought corn tortillas
Filling: Sweet potatoes seasoned with cumin and chipotle powder tossed with sautéed black beans, corn and onion.
Toppings: Cilantro, Colby Jack cheese & semi-homemade salsa

Modifications: Leftover potatoes, not toasting cheese on the tortillas, etc… When starting from scratch, I follow this recipe. When pulling off tacos from leftovers, I just wing it.

Results: This is another great way to make veggie tacos. The sweetness of the potato handles spice well. And, all the ingredients are reasonably priced too. If you need more convincing, I’ll remind you that these tacos are delicious.

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