Pizza Night Gets Me Every Time

Sure, pizza night could suffice with just one pizza. But, pizza night turned out to be a great excuse opportunity to use up some leftovers that were starting to tread the thin line between edible and, well, not so much. So I made three small pizzas—Buffalo Chicken, BBQ Pork & Veggie. (Yes, before we go any further, I cook pizzas on cookie sheets lined with foil. Hey, it works for those of us without a pizza stone nor the room to store a pizza stone.)

A Buffalo chicken pizza ranks at the top of the list for me and the Mr., so obviously it got to be the biggest pizza of the three. All three pizzas were made with a refrigerated, store-bought pizza crust. AND pre-shredded mozzarella cheese. We are all about cutting corners on a Friday night. Here’s how each of the three pizzas played out.

Buffalo Chicken: Leftover Buffalo chicken (baked earlier in the week), Frank’s, blue cheese crumbles & mozzarella cheese

BBQ Pork: Shredded BBQ Pork (slow-cooked earlier in the week), BBQ sauce, corn, onion & mozzarella cheese

Veggie: Sliced onion, green and red bell pepper (not used in the weekly salad we make), marinara and mozzarella


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