Having an Epiphanie Gets Me Every Time

[tentblogger-vimeo 48300141]

Do you remember a while back when I went on and on about these great Epiphanie camera bags and how I was lusting after several one. Well, I finally have an Epiphanie of my own. I changed my mind several times and eventually decided on the Slate Lyric. Take a look. (I’m glad that chevron beauty from the video above wasn’t out yet, I would have had even more trouble choosing!)

What do you think? I plan on using my new Lyric to tote my Olympus E-PM1, which has been my main camera squeeze recently, along with an extra lens and some other accessories.

Action photos coming soon, I promise. Me and this bag have got some places to go and pictures to capture.

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This post is not sponsored by Ephiphanie, only by my sweet mom who helped make my Epiphanie dreams come true. (thanks mom!) Want your own? Head over to the Epiphanie blog now, they’re giving away a few bags in the next couple weeks.

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