Crispy Chicken Tacos Get Me Every Time

Stop right there. I know what you’re already thinking. And no. These are not tacos made with fried chicken. Which is precisely why the name of this post isn’t “Fried Chicken Tacos Get Me Every Time.” I thought that might be misleading And it’s not the chicken that’s fried or crispy. It’s the entire taco. But “Chicken Crispy Tacos” just didn’t sound as good. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, shall we?

The recipe for these is the Pioneer Woman’s My Brother’s Chicken Tacos. It’s a recipe I bookmarked at the beginning of this project but had been a little intimidated to try. I mean, frying an entire taco? But for you, dear readers, fry try I did. And boy am I glad I did. Because now, I can tell you, that’s there is absolutely no reason not to make these. Tonight.

Now, being the busy bee that I am, I naturally adapt the PW’s recipe to use leftover chicken which cuts down on kitchen time for a quick weeknight meal. (It’s crockpot season, people. Make enough chicken/pork/beef for the week on Sunday in that dusty slow cooker of yours.)

As a side note, if I was going to title this post anything other than “Crispy Chicken Tacos,” (other than “Fried Chicken Tacos” or “Chicken Tacos that are Crispy and Fried Get Me Every Time”) it would obviously be “How to One-Up The Pioneer Woman.” And the way you do that is by adding some fresh cilantro to these babies.

Adapted From: The Pioneer Woman
Store-bought corn tortillas (that turn into crispy corn tortillas when you fry them)
Filling: Leftover chicken with Alex’s Ugly Sauce
Toppings: Cilantro, Colby Jack cheese, tomatoes, chopped romaine & this Trader Joe’s chili pepper sauce

Modifications: Weeknight meals should not mean cooking for more than 30 minutes, hence, leftover chicken.

Results: The Pioneer Woman was right, y’all. These are delicious (duh.) and they’re not too greasy at all. I will definitely be making these for dinner again soon tonight. After all, it is Taco Tuesday—maybe you should make them too.


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