Cilantro Pesto Steak Tacos Get Me Every Time

So, I know summer is *officially* over, but I still haven’t made it through all 20 tacos. So, let’s keep the goodness going right through the fall. Lego!

Today’s Taco Tuesday is brought to you by the grocery store that only sells cilantro in extra large bunches that we can never seem to finish before they go bad. I mean, a little goes a long way. So, when life hands you a huge bunch of cilantro, make some cilantro pesto. (I know, right?)

And, again thanks to the big bunch of cilantro, I then decided I needed to make something more with it. Cilantro, guacamole, tacos. That’s the thought process right there folks. When it’s time for tacos, I also look to the web for inspiration. But then I just do my own thing. I’m a rebel. That’s just how I roll.

Shell: Store-bought corn tortillas
Filling: Flank Steak seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin & garlic
Toppings: Cilantro Pesto, cotijo cheese, semi-homemade salsa & guacamole

Modifications: For that cilantro pesto, the recipe calls for toasted sesame oil, but that’s not an item stocked in my pantry regularly. So, I tossed in a few sesame seeds and called it a day. And since I wasn’t following any other recipe, there’s nothing else to mention.

Results: Last time I made steak tacos, they were a huge hit. These are guaranteed to be the same for your home. I promise. Kick up the heat with the salsa or guacamole. (Or grab the hot sauce and go to town. That’s really the easiest way to spice up dinner, don’t you think?)

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