Black Bean Tacos Get Me Every Time

It’s Tuesday. And you need to make these black bean tacos (courtesy The Faux Martha) tonight. While they may not be the prettiest taco at the ball, they are quite possibly the most delicious.

I added some corn to this mixture and it started to remind me of the veggie tacos we had for Taco Tuesday earlier this summer. These too are the perfect weeknight meal because it’s quite possible you can find all the ingredients in your pantry and fridge right now.

Shell: Store-bought corn tortillas
Filling: Black beans & corn
Toppings: cotijo cheese, sauteed peppers & onions (per recipe) and salsa

Modifications: As mentioned above, I added corn to this recipe. When it comes to veggies, the more, the merrier. I also added cilantro to the bean mixture while it was cooking, instead of as a topping. Lastly I subbed a serrano pepper for the jalapeno because that’s what I had on hand.

Results: If you’re a fan of black beans and tacos, then I don’t think you should have any issues with these guys. Easy, delicious, filling and meatless. A great way to cut down the budget too, right? And if you’re not a fan of tacos? Well, the black mean mixture would be delicious on it’s own, on nachos or on a salad. Try it and let me know if you’re as much a fan as I am.

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