Slow-Cooked Pork Tacos Get Me Every Time

Another week, another Taco Tuesday. I thought spicy pork tacos was the perfect way to spend a Tuesday dinner, and so, the slow cooker is comin’ right out. Now, these tacos are highly inspired by a little BBQ fare. With side dishes of refried beans and corn, plus pickled jalapenos, all the elements are here, just with a twist.

I have scoured the web for you readers and found many slow cooker recipes. The only thing, I tend to use them more as a guide. Here’s a few I started with: from Can You Stay For Dinner?, Budget Bytes, Buck Cooks, Food Network and Better Homes & Gardens.

So, I cut up my pork tenderloin into cubes, sliced half an onion and then added a mess of other things to the mix: diced tomatoes & green chiles, chili powder, cumin, salt and pepper, coriander, oregano, minced garlic and chicken stock. I also added some chipotle peppers and the sauce they’re canned in. Just, not as much as last time. Then, it’s just set it and forget it.

Shell: Store brand corn tortillas
Filling: Chipotle pork and onions (see above)
Toppings: Shredded iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, Colby Jack & pickled jalapenos.

Side Dish: Store bought refried beans & corn jazzed up with some red pepper

Results: These were delicious. Though some slow cooker recipes tell you to discard the onions, I left them in the mix, which added a great texture (not to mention more veggies). The pickled jalapenos added just the right balance to the smoky, sweet, spicy meat.

If, for some crazy perfectly normal reason you didn’t throw a cubed pork in the slow cooker this morning, no worries! There are plenty of quick and easy pork taco recipes that cook up in time for dinner tonight. Try pork these tacos from Cooking Light, My Recipes and The Kitchn.

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