Simple Steak Tacos Get Me Every Time

I mean. You knew it was inevitable, right? Steak Tacos. I did it. I went there. Call me crazy. (Yes, there is a lot of cheese on that picture. Next time, I’ll get out the small spoon. Noted.)

Taco #7 was just as delicious as the others have been. And it was super simple, because there was no recipe to follow for the steak. That doesn’t mean there was no recipe involved at all however. Do you see it?

You do. You just don’t know it yet. That. Guacamole. It is the one and only recipe from Boudro’s in San Antonio. It is THE guacamole I mentioned you MUST order if you are ever in that fine city. And they put the recipe on their website.

It’s simple. Roast up some tomatoes & serrano peppers. Add some avocado. A little cilantro. Squeeze some lime juice & orange juice. Mix it up. Done and done. Until you eat all that batch and need to make more. Now, for all the details.

Shell: Store brand flour tortillas
Filling: Steak (simply seasoned with salt, pepper & a pinch of cumin, sautéed & sliced)
Toppings: lettuce, green peppers, Colby Jack cheese, onion, fresh cilantro & Boudro’s Guacamole
Salsa: Semi-homemade Salsa
Side Dish: Simple salad & Blue corn tortilla chips (not pictured)

Modifications: I add one clove of roasted garlic to the guacamole.

Results: If you’re a steak purist and you made it this far really do yourself a favor and stop now. Because I. Love. Steak. Tacos. If you’re taking bets, I’d bet there will be another in the 20 Taco Summer, just sayin’.

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