DI-WHY Gets Me Every Time

OK. I’m going to start off saying that I love DIY just as much as the next craft-loving lady. But, I am starting to feel like things are getting out of control in the blogosphere. So, without any ado, I’m dusting off and climbing onto my soapbox.

I made those notebooks up there. Well, I DIY-ed them, according to anyone’s standards. They were covered with logos of the companies that gave them to me for free. I just doctored them up with washi & paper tape. But I’m not giving you a tutorial on them. D-I-WHY would I? It’s simple, people. Unroll the tape, stick it on, snip the ends ta-da!

I’ve come across quite a few D-I-WHY projects across the web recently and while I won’t link to them, I am going to unashamedly call them out. Some of the projects you will never get a tutorial on from this blog include:

  • Dip-dyed marshmallows
  • Painted Rocks
  • Putting hooks on a wall
  • Putting a collection of (buttons, shells, change) in a jar
  • Skewering marshmallows, candy, etc
  • Abstract Art
  • Putting colored tape on a notebook, chair, desk, frame, etc (see above)
  • Adding glitter to everyday objects
  • Printing Instagram photos

Remember, I love DIY. I just don’t want another blog post on how to print a printable or how to cut out strips of paper and make a paper chain. Let’s push ourselves. Let’s make something new. Let’s make something to be talked about. Or let’s get offline altogether and make some memories.

Am I the only one? What’s got you screaming DI-WHY? these days?


  1. alana says:

    The DIYs that get me the most are for everyday household products (powder laundry detergent, etc) that are MUCH cheaper/easier just to buy. Why DIY when there’s a better, cheaper version already available?

  2. Bahahhahahhahhahahahhaa! Thank. You.

    There is nothing I hate more than writing How To: posts. I’ll do them occasionally but its really hard to get it out without sounding schmackty. I’m more of a “hey look what I made” & “don’t do this” kinda gal.

    I’m also done with the “How to hang pictures on a wall” posts.

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