Date Night Gets Me Every Time

This weekend the Mr. and I treated ourselves to a date night. While deciding what to do, we realized there was something we’d never done together—miniature golf. (Or “putt-putt” as we called it in the South.) After doing some research we decided to head to Middleton, MA and try our luck at Golf Country. You’ll understand why we chose this particular location momentarily.

After grabbing dinner at a nearby restaurant, we took to the greens. I was green, Mr. GMET was red. And it was game on!

There are two courses (18 holes each) at Golf Country and we chose to play the Millpond course. You can choose to play both at a discounted rate though, so you know.

It’s a lovely course that’s been updated regularly. But we weren’t there for the scenery. It was all about trying to make par.

From this shot, you probably think that we did. But we didn’t make par. We both went over. But considering this was our first game of miniature golf in at least five years, we were pretty proud of our efforts.

I won’t spill who won. Guess in the comments if you wish. I’ll tell you that par was 42. Final score was 50 to 57. Who do you think won? Oh, who cares. Let’s get to the rest of the reasons why we chose Middleton.

Hello Richardson’s. So what if there was a faint smell of manure as we played mini-golf. The golf course (and batting cages and driving range) is next to a real live dairy. A dairy where they make the most delicious ice cream in the most wondrous flavors. I had coffee with jimmies.

The Mr. had mint chocolate chip with jimmies. But those aren’t the only reasons we chose Middleton. (I know it just keeps getting better, right?)

FIREWORKS! I mean, we wanted to celebrate the 4th of July all week. Who doesn’t love independence? Who doesn’t love fireworks? Who doesn’t love ice cream? Yes, it was that good that I’m still talking about it. And I only eat ice cream like once a month, people.

The display put on by the town of Middleton was fantastic. Now, it was no 4th with the Pops on the Charles River. But that’s not what we signed up for. We were there for the mini-golf, the ice cream and a competitive romantic date night that got us out of the city.

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