Cilantro Lime Shrimp Tacos Get Me Every Time

Happy Taco Tuesday everyone! It’s hot and humid here in Boston and these light, refreshing shrimp tacos would be the perfect thing to cook up tonight. Minimal stove time, that’s for sure.

This should actually be called Cilantro Lime Shrimp Tacos Two Ways Gets Me Every Time, but that seemed like a mouthful. Don’t you think? But here’s the deal. The first taco is more traditional, as it includes cheese and salsa verde. The second one is a little crazier as I added a bit of lime aioli to finish these bad boys off. It’s the best of both worlds.

As you may have realized, I can never get enough guacamole. But here’s the thing, these tacos don’t need it. So, a simple tomato avocado salad tossed with garlic and lime juice will satisfy that guacamole craving and make the perfect, light, refreshing side dish.

The crunchy cabbage inside the soft corn tortillas really takes the texture to another level. And in the version with the aioli, the lime compliments the shrimp perfectly. Are you ready to run to the store and get everything for your own Taco Tuesday? Let’s go!

Shell: Store brand corn tortillas
Filling: Cilantro Lime Shrimp via Skinny Taste
Toppings A: shredded cabbage + salsa verde, tomatoes & shredded cheddar
Toppings B: shredded cabbage + super easy lime aioli & tomatoes
Side Dish: Avocado & tomato salad with garlic lime dressing

Modifications: None. Just follow those links to the recipes above.

Results: De-lic-ious. As in, could not get enough of this tasty shrimp. So easy to make (5 minutes in a saute pan), it’s worth making again and again.

PS: After being inspired by my friend Brigette, I whipped up a batch of energy bites last night. Brigette is hosting a book giveaway today—check her out on Settling West.


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