Veggie Tacos Get Me Every Time

Operation Taco continues and I am loving every single bite of it. Taco Numero 3/20 was a simple, but delicious veggie taco. So tasty. So filling. As for the missing meat? Well, you won’t even know it’s missing.

Shell: soft, flour, store brand
Filling: Black beans, zucchini & corn
Toppings: lettuce, colby jack cheese
Salsa: Semi-homemade salsa

Modifications: Only one change—more veggies! I added some diced red pepper to the mix.

Results: These tacos had just the right balance of spice and sweetness (from the corn). I wouldn’t do anything differently next time. Again, we had extra veggies leftover. They went great on a salad and in a burrito too.

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