Tilapia Tacos Get Me Every Time

You know what? Four tacos in and I love them all the same. This is a great summer cooking project for me because I find that tacos are so easy to throw together. Just cook up some meat or veggies, chop & top. Ok, enough talk. More tacos.

Shell: Mission corn tortillas
Filling: Tilapia (even though the recipe calls for red snapper)
Toppings: lettuce, tomato, sharp cheddar cheese, onion & homemade guacamole
Salsa: Store-bought tomatillo

Modifications: Well, the recipe is for broiled fish tacos but I’ve just never quite trusted the broiler in the electric oven of my rental apartment. So, we sauteed the fish for about four minutes on each side over medium heat. That and the red snapper-tilapia switch.

Results: These tilapia tacos were fresh, easy and the perfect meal for a summer night. That’s another thing about heating up the broiler, it would make our tiny apartment boiling hot.

This will probably be the end of Food Week here on GMET. Back to your regularly scheduled programming any day now.

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