The Great Wide Open Gets Me Every Time

| all photos courtesy The Great Wide Open |

 So, it’s like this. You see some of the same people, day in, day out, and you hardly know anything about them. Then there’s this moment when you realize your common link. That’s what happened a couple weeks ago for my coworker, Emily, and I when we both arrived at the Boston Bloggers June event.

Now, enough about our little moment. Let me tell you about Emily’s blog, The Great Wide Open. I’ll break it down for you. Emily used to be a writer but isn’t anymore and she’s searching for her life’s next passion (I think we can all relate to this.) In order to find it, Emily has opened herself up to a wealth of possibilities and is documenting them every step of the way.

Most recently, she tried her hand at bee keeping (above). She has an extended love affair happening with upholstery. She’s even concocted a home brew and bottled her own beer. Perhaps one of the most impressive is this death-defying trapeze act. (Click through to see how she got along!)

But get this, Emily is also open to suggestions. Some of the past suggestions that she’s getting leads and following through on include fly-fishing and being a pedicab driver. Rumor has it there may be some collaboration with yours truly soon too.

Go over and check out The Great Wide Open and all Emily’s adventures. If I were embarking on such a project, I think I would start with something like sailing or painting. What about you? What would you fearlessly dice head first into? What should Emily try next?


  1. Hogger & Co. says:

    Gosh, what a dare devil…I have attempted the trapeze myself, and it was scary! I also realized later that I had such low energy b/c I was coming down with the chicken pox that night, but that’s another story!
    I’m off to check off her site! Also, we used to own a sailboat and it’s a tonne of work, so I wouldn’t recommend it! But, having a friend who sails….

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