House Plants + House Cats Get Me Every Time

So, this weekend I decided to do some greening of our tiny apartment and jump on the succulent train. I bought a few succulents from Home Depot and planted them in various vases I had lying around. Some look like they’re going to hold up better than others, but we’ll see. They’re pretty tough little guys, right?

While I was there, I also decided to pick up a greener, more traditional houseplant. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but it’s supposedly going to grow to about 18 inches. Not bad.

Now, I know you’ve probably spotted lots of great terrariums around the web. And if you have, you’ll notice that sometimes they add a little something extra to the plants, soil, rocks, etc. etc. And I had to follow suit!

I had this tiny cat leftover from a new product in my store, and I thought it was the perfect addition. Turns out I’m not the only one who things so. See what I mean?

Louise inspects everything we bring into the apartment and the plants were no exception. She’s not too interested in them, which is good. Just sniffing around. What have you been planting lately?


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