Greenway Open Market Gets Me Every Time

This Saturday, we decided to venture into downtown Boston to the Greenway Open Market. After loving SoWa, we figured this would be the next best thing on a Saturday. It was a gray, chilly day down on the water but we didn’t let that bother us. It may have bothered some of the vendors though. The site boasts 60 local artisans, but I only counted about 20. Regardless, we enjoyed those present, and some were familiar from SoWa.

One thing I must mention people–vendors, put up a great big sign that says who you are! I might not be in the market now, but come the holidays, I want to remember you. Moving right along, Wood puzzle boxes from Tico Art. All other vendors unknown.

Since we were in the area, we decided to visit these guys at the aquarium. Aren’t they the cutest? The seals were extremely active so it was hard to snap a photo, these action shots will have to do.

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