Definitions Gets Me Every Time

Boston Bloggers June Event @ Anthem Kitchen

I know, as a writer, words and definitions are supposed to be my thing, right? But just hear me out, and help me out, please.

Last week I went to a wonderful Blogger Meet & Greet Event at Anthem in Faneuil Hall. I met quite a few new bloggers and there are tons I didn’t meet that I hope to meet next time too! (Big thanks to Katy and Alison for hosting.) I even met one of my coworkers who blogs. There’s close to 500 of us in the office, so I’ve seen her, but didn’t know her, give me a break.

So, why do you care? Well, the first questions you’re asked at this type of event are:

What do you blog about? What’s your blog about? Bloggity-Blog wha?!

OK. So, maybe I made the last one up. But, here’s where I’m hoping you guys might chime in and help. I say I’m a personal blogger who write about all sorts of things—but that doesn’t do much in explaining what “Gets Me Every Time.”

So, let’s give Kelly’s blog a catchphrase. I’ll start with a few ideas, seeing as I’m the writer and all. Then, you guys add your own, or tell me which one you like. Or, maybe I don’t need one at all? Ready to help? OK!

– Daily Obsessions of Day-to-Day Life
– Diary of a DIY Dancer
– DIY, Dancing, Dishes & The Day-to-Day from Boston
– Dancing My Way Through Delicious, Crafty Goodness

Now, it’s your turn… there, in the comments. (pretty please?)

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