Black Bean Hummus Gets Me Every Time

A lot of food here on the blog this week and that continues with this black bean hummus recipe. This is the best hummus I’ve ever had. Hands down. It has changed carnivorous adults into hummus believers.

Here’s how this hummus changed my outlook on life. (ok, maybe just my opinion of chickpeas, but just go with me here.) A few many years ago I worked as a counselor at a summer camp in the foothills of the Appalachians in Tiger, Georgia. Every week, we got to take the campers to the Chattooga River for outdoor activities–rafting, kayaking, biking, etc–with the Nantahala Outdoor Center.

When it came time for lunch, our NOC guides set an impressive spread which included this black bean spicy humus.

Fast forward to returning to civilization, I look up the recipe and follow it. Using a regular size can of beans. Not the same! (The recipe calls for a number 10 can of beans, who knew?) Frustration sets in. Forward about 3 more years. I have a go with some calculations and figure out how to make this a manageable portion with regular-sized cans while keeping the spice alive. (hint, I kept the cayenne pepper amount the same.)

Spicy Black Bean Hummus
adapted from NOC Chattooga Black Bean Hummus 

– onion, 1 tbsp, chopped
– garlic, 2 tsp, minced

– lemon juice, 3 tsp
– salt, dash
– pepper, dash
– cayenne pepper, start with 1/2 tsp and go from there
– cumin, start with 1/2 tsp and go from there
– parsley, 2.5 tbsp

– black beans, 1 can, about 1 3/4 cups drained, but reserve the liquid
– garbanzo beans, 3/4 cup + 2 tbsp drained
– tahini, 1 tbsp

Directions: It’s easiest to make this in steps. So, grab your food processor, or blender, & let’s eat!

Step 1. Onion & garlic go into the food processor. Pulse.

Step 2. Measure your spices & lemon juice and dump them straight into the food processor. Pulse again.

Step 3. In go the beans & tahini. Pulse once more.

Step 4. Add some of the reserved black bean liquid and pulse to desired consistency. Give it a taste and kick up those spices if you so desire.

Step 5. Dip pita chip/celery/pepper/etc & enjoy. Repeat.



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