The Inn At Bay Pointe Gets Me Every Time

Since we had a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary, we celebrated twice. The first dinner celebration was over the weekend, venturing out of our normal comfort zone of restaurants to The Inn At Bay Pointe in Quincy, MA. We chose The Inn because we had a Phantom Gourmet gift card and we wanted to take it somewhere we knew we’d never trek to otherwise. It had mixed reviews (3 stars) on Yelp, but we still decided it was worth the adventure.

The Inn at Bay Pointe is set back off the main road, down a narrow road and into a gravel parking lot. But once you find it, you’re greeted by a lot, and marina, full of majestic boats. (It was getting dark, but they looked majestic to me.) Inside, the decor is a little outdated, but there were these great portraits of the entire Adams family. (No, not that Addams family.)

We started with the calamari which was cooked with peppers that added a just the right amount of spice. It was fresh, hot and arrived at our table fast. Oh. Speaking of our table. Amy waited on us. And she was great. Great recommendations. Always had a full glass of water. And even though we were one of her last tables of the night, she didn’t hurry us at all.

For dinner I had the jumbo shrimp on rice. The shrimp definitely delivered on their name of jumbo and they were seasoned and sauteed to perfection. But, after the calamari and the shrimp, I didn’t get to much of the rice.

Mr. Gets Me Every Time had the chicken parm, which was big enough to split. This huge plate of chicken was accompanied by a good portion of penne. So much that the Mr. had enough left over for a nice lunch the following day. But, that didn’t stop him from ordering dessert.

He had his eye on a piece of the chocolate layer cake. And it was so good. I could only manage a few bites, but the cake was moist and the frosting was decadent. The perfect way to end the meal.

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