Taco Night Gets Me Every Time

Hey party people. Time for a little fiesta here at GMET. That’s right. It’s time to talk tacos. Let’s just start by me telling you all, in case you didn’t know.


Chicken tacos. Beef tacos. Fish tacos. Veggie tacos. I could have a taco every night of the week and be a happy girl. The only taco I’m not eating is a choco taco. That’s just cray.

Alright. So, now that you know, are you with me? I’ve already got about the first 5 lined up. But, I want your favorite type of tacos too. Things are about to get crazy in taco town. First up, are the taco’s I grew up on. In the meantime, leave a link to your all-time favorite recipe. Do it!

PS. The salsa? It will be this semi-homemade recipe, unless otherwise noted. I really cannot get enough of it.


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