Stocking Up Gets Me Every Time

Elephant & Giraffe Toyidermy

Happy Monday everyone. I hope your weekends were fabulous. The weather here in Boston was b-e-a-utiful and was definitely enjoyed. Aside from taking in some sunshine, I also updated my shop.

Toyidermy on Etsy

There’s some new toyidermy now available. (plus some more coming this evening!) And there’s some other new items. So, if ya don’t mind, check it out. Maybe you’ll find someone who needs a new home!

Gold Zebra Statue on Etsy

In honor of the new wares in the shop I’ll be having an exclusive one-item only sale later on in the week, especially for blog readers. Plus, word on the street is that there are a couple of giveaways coming up in the near future. More on that later. Here’s to another week!

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