SoWa Open Market Gets Me Every Time


Hello dear friends, readers and internet wanderers. I hope you had a fabulously fabulous long weekend. The weather here in the Boston area couldn’t have been more beautiful and we took full advantage of it in our own way.

While we’re not huge “beach people” we do love spending time in the city–especially when it empties out on holiday weekends. So, we headed to SoWA Open Markets. Check the illustration above to get the idea–think food trucks, crafts, vintage, locally made treats, etc.

I took home a bottle of Alex’s Ugly Sauce. Delicious. Alex himself let us sample the hot sauce and I just had to take some home. There was original and dragon, both featuring vinegar, beets, honey, and spices. I opted for original. Alex was recounting the story of how he got started making “Ugly Sauce” and his tale went a little something like this: I worked on the sauce for years, then, when I got it right, I quite my job and hired my sister-in-law. Follow Alex on Twitter, I’m sure he’ll let you in on the details.

Alright, enough words. I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story. Like this husband and wife art duo, whose name I somehow missed, so if you know it, tell me!! UPDATE! From Jen herself, “The husband and wife art duo is Jen and Brian Gubicza.” And you can find her store here and his store here

There’s also a SoWa Vintage market that open inside the building and is full of great finds. Jewelry, clothes, records, furniture and, what do you know, a miniature cat collection.

Also, we happened into the SoWa Artists’ Guild building to use the facilities and some of the artists were there doing what they do best, making art. If you happen to step in and go to the third floor, check down the hall for John Gonnella. Just tell him I send you when you lay your eyes on his lovely paintings.


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