ShopLocket + A Giveaway Gets Me Every Time

So, remember earlier in the week when I mentioned that I had a special item I made just for you guys. Well, it’s a one-of-a-kind item, and I usually only make these guys as gifts, so get it while it’s hot. Introducing the Metallic Sheep Treasure Jar, brought to you directly on the blog via ShopLocket.

What is ShopLocket? (First, please pause and say that like your favorite microwave lunch/snack, HotPocket!) Yeah. You got that. Ok. So, ShopLocket lets me sell anything I want to you right here on my blog for a small fee. That means you don’t have to head over to my Etsy store or anything. You buy right here on my blog and I ship it right to you. Easy Peasy Squeezy.

As for that giveaway, how about $100 to buy anything on ShopLocket? Sound good. Yeah. You’re right, it is.

Here’s your chance to win:
• First, check out everything they’ve got to offer right on their Pinterest board.

• Then, simply tweet what you would buy using your $100 ShopLocket credit to @ShopLocket & hashtag it #ShopMyBlog. For instance, you could write @ShopLocket I would buy the rad sheep jar from @copykelly’s blog! #ShopMyBlog. I mean, there, I just did it for you. Copy & paste guys!

• Tweet to enter from today (May 24) until Thursday, May 31. The winner will be announced Friday, June 1, via the @ShopLocket Twitter feed, so go ahead and follow along.

• Finally, come back and tell me if you won!

You think you got it? I know you do. But, as always, if you have question, just leave ’em there in the comments! And don’t forget to check out the ShopLocket Pinterest Board!

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