Knobs Get Me Every Time

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Recently, we’ve been rehabbing an old dresser we bought off of Craigslist. And by rehabbing I mean Mr. GMET and I sanded and painted the whole thing while making a few other adjustments I’ll share soon. For a sneak peak, take a look back at our inspiration.  The dresser belonged to a young girl and was adorned with pink flower decals and butterfly knobs. Perfect for her, not so great for us. 1 & 2 house of antique hardware 3 house of antique hardware

We’re still searching for some knobspiration, so I thought I’d see if anyone had any go-to affordable sources. We need 8 knobs and, as you can see, I’ve already hit up anthro’s sale section. I also found a resource filled with antique-looking knobs, above. And, of course, I scoured Etsy a little bit, but when you need 8 knobs, vintage Etsy is hard to troll. I even thought about some knobs and pulls from IKEA, below.

1 etsy 2 ikea 3 ikea

Tell me, internets—where to next? Affordable knobs. We’re not too pick about color (as you can see above) as our room is pretty neutral. (I guess you could say we’re not “knob snobs”… sorry, had to go there.) The new furniture has a nice teal/aqua/blueish hue. Have you ever refinished any furniture? Or given a piece a pick-me-up with new hardware? Do share.


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