Another Caturday Gets Me Every Time

Last week when the Mr. and I went to help out my mom with her recital, we also got to spend some QT with her cat, Melrose, pictured above. (Please don’t tell Louise, she may be jealous.) Well, the cute little thing just posed and posed while I clicked away, as evidenced above. She did try to make a sneaky getaway, but I caught her, pink-tongued.

She’s a very loving, affectionate cat who is spoiled with treats and has a sneeze like no other. (I think you can see this by some snot on her nose in the picture above.) She has allergies like you wouldn’t believe. Maybe she’s allergic to herself?

Caturday continued with the purchase of this very cute cat mug from Barnes & Noble—it’s got ears! I just love how when the coffee drips down the rim the mug looks like like a cat sweating. They’ve got a puppy mug too, for all the dog lovers out there.

Then, Caturday spilled over into this week when my old college pal, Liz (find her on Pinterest & Twitter) posted this great cat food label she made and then adhered to an old protein powder container. It was just the cutest thing so I insisted she send it to me too.

Want this label for yourself… err, your cat? It’s free to download. Download the PDF now. Thanks Liz! (After you download, simply print and cut on the white lines then wrap around your container of choice.)

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