Toyidermy Gets Me Every Time

Yes. Toyidermy. Yes. I’m making up words. It’s Wednesday. And it’s ok.

Remember when I mentioned that the front halves of my mom’s new wine stoppers would have a life of their own? Well, introducing, Toyidermy. Two of my closest friends have April birthdays and I knew they would love these little Toyidermy plaques as much as I did. (HBD Patrick & John Jacob!)

The idea for these guys came from a post that Lauren Elise did, but the link to that post (Deer Plaques DIY) seems to have gone missing. You can catch a photo of the inspiration in her Instagram roundup though.

To make these guys I decapitated my animal toys and gave them a couple coats of paint. I also painted a few wood plaques I picked up at Michael’s, each for under a buck. The toy animals were from Target and I believe they were a buck each. (Birthday boys, put away your calculators, it’s the thought that counts.)

After a few coats of paint I grabbed the hot glue gun and, as neatly as possible, added a ring of hot glue to my cut line. Then, these guys got to sit and dry.

Next, they each got a coat of clear gloss spray paint, to add a little shine, you know. At this point, I thought about adding some embellishments to the front, but I quite liked the bold, simple look of them as they were.

So, after another good day or so of setting, I hammered a picture hanger in the back and that’s about it. The most time-consuming part of this project was letting the paint dry!

I know these two gifts have found perfect homes with my friends. Hopefully, you find these guys as quirky and cute as my friends and I do!

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