Not The Same Ol’ Song Gets Me Every Time

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Today, April 24th, two albums have hit the iTunes store that I am so excited to share. I am literally being transported back to 1998 right now. New albums from Jamiroquai and Eve 6. Are you kidding me? I want to pop these CDs into my discman and ride my bike to my friend’s house right now.

I’m no music reviewer (been there, tried that, a longer story for another day) but I’ll tell you I’ve listened to both of these albums and would do so again. Do they make my top 5 greatest albums of all-time? Nah, probably not this time. But, both are worth a listen.

You can stream Eve 6’s Speak In Code on Spotify—plus, there’s some bonus commentary there. The Jamiroquai album can also be streamed on Spotify. You may notice that Jamiroquai’s Rock Dust Light Star was released in 2010. BUT, it’s just now coming stateside, officially, today.

Don’t go listening yet, there’s more!

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Last Tuesday, I’m a little behind the ball on my Tunesdays posts, Jason Mraz released a new album, Love Is A Four Letter Word. Mraz has been one of my favorite artists for a while now and this new album doesn’t change that. You can stream his latest on Spotify, but I recommend going to your preferred paid music outlet and downloading this one. You may have it on repeat for the next week or so if you’re anything like me.

Now you can go let the listening begin! What new albums are you digging right now? What should I be listening to? Let me know.

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