Birthday (Post)Cards Get Me Every Time

As I mentioned the other day, my mom had a birthday last week. To celebrate from a long-distance, we put together a postcard project, inspired by Jordan over at Oh Happy Day.

In her DIY, she suggests emailing instructions and a printable to everyone to be included in this project. Basically, you have friends and family of the birthday girl or boy write a note and put it in the mail. When they receive all the notes, they can put it together to create a bigger message.

Since I wanted to make it super easy, I decided to make and print the postcards myself and mail them with instructions. I found the above poster in the mail at work and decided this would be a perfect image for this project. So, I cut up 5 pieces of card stock into postcard-size pieces to see which part of the image would become the puzzle.

Then, since I had already cut the card stock I designed and printed a mailing side of the postcard for the yellow pieces. It was pretty basic, as I wanted to leave everyone enough room to write.

Printed on yellow it looked spectacular. Of course, I typed my mom’s address in so I didn’t have to hand write it 20 times. Click the image to get to the PDF so you can make your own postcard project. Once printed, I secured the mailing sides to the poster image with rubber cement and cut out each postcard.

Then, it was time to address and stamp envelopes and send these bad boys to my mom’s friends and family. Wouldn’t you know, she received all but one in the mail. Everyone sent them back, but it seems that the NYC post got lost in the mail. Here’s the picture my mom sent me on the day of her birthday.

It didn’t get too banged up in the mail or anything. Looks good to me. Who knows, maybe the rest of that flower will show up soon. There’s one more birthday project coming up. Stay tuned!

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