A Quick Trip Gets Me Every Time

Last weekend we headed to the Baltimore area for a quick visit with my older brother and his family. It was great to see them and the weather was pretty nice for us. We got in a trip to the park and hopped the train to DC too.

We took my oldest nephew to the National Air and Space Museum on Saturday. He like the planes and especially liked looking in the cockpit, seen above. He wasn’t necessarily crazy about the space part of the museum. But, we’re thinking he just didn’t get that people went to the moon and in those planes and crazy suits. Maybe when he’s a little older.

Since the weather was pretty nice we walked around DC before hopping back on the train. There was also a mini-birthday celebration, but I’m saving that until Monday. It’s super cute and complete with lots of owls. Do come back and check it out. Until then, have a fabulous weekend!


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