Unseasonable Weather Gets Me Every Time

Here in the Boston metro area, it was a gorgeous weekend. And aside from all the St. Patty’s Day activities, Mr. Gets Me Every Time and I decided to spend some time soaking up the vitamin D and playing some frisbee. (OCU, represent.)

There’s lots of other weekend updates to report too:

– Had a HUGE #Crafturday, or my own ultimate Pinterest Challenge* weekend. (*That’s the Pinterest Challenge via Young House Love. I had NO idea, there was also “The ORIGINAL Pinterest Challenge” until I googled it.)
– Had a little #Caturday, inspired by Miss Cubicle 57 & Sophie.
– Found some forgotten photos on my digital camera.

More on all these things (& more) soon. Until then, I leave you with this beautiful picture of spring’s premature arrival from the weekend.


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