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Say Anything is one of my long-time go-to bands and it doesn’t look like that will be changing anytime soon. With the release of their latest album, Anarchy, My Dear, out today, the band reaffirms their status as a permanent fixture in my musical rotation.

My abbreviated review of this album goes a little like this.

Anarchy, My Dear opens with hand claps. How can I not like love it?

However, I’ll go into a little more detail for you, my faithful internet followers.

Let’s start at the beginning. In the fall of 2004 I was but a mere journalism student trying to write arts/music/entertainment reviews for the college newspaper. My first review of the year was none other than Say Anything’s Is A Real Boy, the group’s first full-length release on a major label.

Anarchy Dear, reminds me of Is A Real Boy, in several ways, but mostly because of track 4, “Admit It Again,” a rehashing of the anthem, “Admit It!” from the earlier release. The spoken word style of singing seems prevalent on this album as it was on IARB. Lastly, rhythmic changes in the middle of some tracks have me listening to them over and over.

Say Anything definitely is not a band for everyone. And they’re not necessarily even a band for me at all time. I find that when I am pumped up, or want to get pumped up for that matter, I typically can turn to Say Anything.

You decide. Check ‘em out on Spotify and see if Say Anything is for you.

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