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Last summer Mr. Gets Me Every Time and I went on a little trip to Martha’s Vineyard. Some call it a weekend trip, but we decided to make it our honeymoon. And since we’d never been there, it was our own little exotic island vacation.

Now, this trip has spawned a little craft project for several reasons:
1. I love to save mementos from trips.
2. I love photos from trips.
3. We do not live a huge apartment with unlimited storage in which to put all these things.

And since #crafturday was already in full effect, I thought, hey, why not? I found a project I loved on Pinterest and had a great way to display our trip. Now on to the supplies:

Here’s the start of the supplies. A 10×10 frame that we already owned and the paper backing that came with it, plus some rubber cement.

Add to that all the maps, brochures and other tiny scraps of paper we picked up on the journey. But wait, what’s that Matha’s Vineyard sign thing? Oh, well let me show you.

I used Adobe InDesign to create the outlines of “Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts” and made sure it was just a little smaller than 10 inches wide.

Then, I added different photos to the letters to highlight the most picturesque moments of the trip. Some photos took up two letters, some took up one. It made no difference to me. You’ll see we ate hotdogs and ice cream, rode bikes, went sailing, played games on the ferry and enjoyed the natural beauty of the island.

Once I printed my masterpiece, I cut up those maps to highlight the restaurants we ate at and the places we stayed. Then I used those along with our handwritten itinerary to cover the bottom on the 10×10 square piece of paper that lined the frame.

After I figured out where I wanted everything, I glued it all down then gave the whole thing a flip. I trimmed where those red lines are so the whole thing would fit perfectly in the frame.

And, ta-da. A work of art, if I do say so myself. Oh, notice in the bottom left-hand corner where it says “2011”? I realized, after putting this in the frame of course, that no where did it say when we went on our trip. So, I pulled out some stick-on vinyl letters for a finishing touch.

And there it is, the finished project. It hangs next to some photos we picked up while on the Vineyard and amidst a sea of other images.

That completes this week’s #crafturday wrap-up. Now, on to planning next week’s #crafturday.

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