Changing it Up Gets Me Every Time

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For the past 3 or 4 years, I’ve lived with the above LACK TV stand from IKEA. It was cheap, easy to put together and was a great space saver in the not-so-large-studio apartment I used to reside in. But now that we’ve got two people living in one also-not-so-large apartment, we need something that offers more storage.

First, I looked at how I might hack this bad boy into something a little more substantial. I wasn’t quite digging what I saw. Second, I browsed and browsed IKEA for an inexpensive replacement that might offer more storage and height. But everything just feels the same. And a little too utilitarian for our style.

So, I took to the internet for inspiration, and here’s what I found:

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I’m loving the look of these painted dressers. There’s PLENTY of storage for remotes, DVDs and then some. Plus, some have great ideas like removing the first row of drawers, or, my favorite, creating a “faux” drawer to put the cable box and DVD player in.

So, maybe the plan is to scavage the weekend yard sales and start the hunt.

What do you think? Would you change it up with a made-over dresser as your entertainment center?


  1. Maria says:

    Totally cute! My only concern finding a dresser that dvd’s fit in (vertically in the drawer) and a dvd-player can fit in (horizontally in the drawer-hole). Also, you obviously have to drill some big ole holes in the back of the dresser to accommodate cables. AND you know it’s gonna take a lot of sanding to get any dresser into paintable shape.

    Go for it!

    P.S. I have this guy from IKEA and love it:

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