A Tiny Book Gets Me Every Time

I recently found some inspiration craftspiration over at the great blog EnJOY It. Elise is an expert documenter (is that a thing?) and I took some cues from her to make my own “minibook.” Examples of these have also been floating around the Pinterest sphere for a while. So, I won’t go into too many details on putting this together. I’ll just share some photos instead.

In an effort to de-clutter a few shelves, I’ve been cleaning out some small boxes. Recently I opened one that was full of old cards and notes from Mr. Gets Me Every Time. And so, I gathered up all those tickets, notes and cards, some glue & binder rings, and I grabbed a stack of old scrap paper to help put it all together.

Then, it was simply a matter of making all the pages fit together in (a somewhat) sequential order and using the three hole punch to line it up and punch away.

Here’s some shots from the guts of the book. Cards, pictures and I took some time to write notes about certain pieces too.


Not bad for a couple hours of punching. Much like the wedding card book I made, I did this while catching up on some fantastically bad TV on my DVR. Plus, it was fun to look back through everything I’d saved.

And there you have it. Just one more quick shot–here’s the cover. Some plain kraft card stock doctored up with decorative tape and a few 1/2″ vinyl letters.

Remember when I originally mentioned #crafturday yesterday? Well, there’s even more to come… just wait!


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