27 Things That Get Me Every Time

With another birthday on the horizon, I’m taking time to reflect on the past year. My 27th year. And 27 things I learned, loved and lived through during the past three hundred and some days. What exactly? Here’s a little (long) list of what’s happened on the internet (1-6), on a professional level (7-10), a bunch of other things (11-21) and on a personal level (22-27)… [feel free to stop reading at any time. Or, indulge me. either way…]

Started this blog (the first official post here.)
Opened a little etsy shop (and made my first sale this week.)
Updated my professional portfolio.
Started a silly tumblr about my friends.
Documented my daily through Instagram.
Reconnected with old friends via their blogs: 1 | 2 | 3 |

Helped concept/write/make these commercials 1 | 2 | 3
Created, with my awesome team, The PEN Ready Project, for Olympus
Got a promotion.
Recorded some killer radio spots.

Traveled internationally for the first time ever. (Hey, it was only to Canada, but it was still pretty cool to me.)
Rented a car by myself.
Saw the Golden Gate Bridge (in person.)
Went to a fish rodeo (a first.)
Bought a nice (non-IKEA) couch.
Went to Martha’s Vineyard.
Lived to see the day that my mother joined Twitter. (Hi Mom!)
Set life goals and actually saw progress toward them.
Taught three separate tap classes of fabulous young women.
Celebrated the end to my miss-dom with my girls (including JJ) in NYC.
Was a guest at two fabulous weddings and…

Got married to the man of my dreams, Mr. Gets Me Every Time.
Changed my last name. (yes, I realize this is almost part of 17, but this was huge, you’ve got to understand.)
Moved in with the aforementioned love of my life.
Celebrated all the firsts that came along with being a Mrs., first Christmas, New Year’s, etc…
Welcomed my first niece to the world (and only one day after my birthday).
Thanked God for each and every blessed day in my life and lived them all the fullest.

Wow. It was more difficult to make that list than I thought. There’s so many great memories from the past year and I’m happy to each and every one of you who was part of them either with me in real life or virtually.
Just over a week left in the countdown. Here’s to the next year and many more happy ones after that.



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