That’s My Pan! Gets Me Every Time

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Get ready for a little geeky gushing. Yes. Personalized pans. I have them. I love them. They’re from That’s My Pan! (yes, the exclamation part is part of the company name.)

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I’ve got the brownie pan (9×9) and the lasagna pan, both emblazoned with “From the Kitchen of The Gets Me Every Times.“* I could hardly wait to use them when my mother gifted them to me as an engagement gift. But, since they had my new name, I decided to wait. Hey, a little superstition can go a long way, right?

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Turns out, That’s My Pan! has a whole lot more than pans. Mugs, cutting boards, cooking utensils and more. We’ve got all our kitchen can hold at the moment, but how great are these for taking to work, parties, etc? At least you’ll always get your pan back.


*Obviously, that’s not our real name. And no, my mom doesn’t call us that.

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