Greeting Cards Get Me Every Time

If you’re ready. I am. Now, I’m not talking about how sappy greeting cards get me every time. But, let’s be honest, they do. No. This greeting card project stems from those 6+ month old post-wedding to-dos I had mentioned in the past.

So, for our wedding, Mr. Gets Me Every Time and I were blessed enough to receive so many cards:

So I gathered up my supplies. The binder rings, from Staples and our cards plus a three-hole punch, a box knife & my glue gun, not pictured, and that teal box. It’s our card box from the wedding and a perfect base to the card book I made. It was just like this one from Paper-Source, only mine was teal.

Then, I lined up all my cards from smallest to biggest, height wise. I turned vertical-opening cards on their sides and added them to the pile. Then, they all got the punch. (Note, this was a great activity to do in front of a movie. My choice, Legally Blonde.) After that, while still watching Reese do her thing, I simply put the binder rings through the holes.

Next, I took to this box with a box knife. I cut the string off which left me with the sides of the box (the curved part the handle is on) and the front/back part, still connected. Then, I slit what is now the spine of my card book. I glued the pieces back together to the correct thickness, based on the number of cards we had. Then, I punched holes CAREFULLY in the back of the new book to put another three card rings  through, in order to connect the cards.

And that’s it. I left our “CARDS” sign attached to the front and our new book will live on our bookshelf next to our photo albums. Such a great way to keep them all together and be able to easily flip through them.

(Oh look, there’s that glue gun shot. Silly me.)

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