February Gets Me Every Time (Year?)

It’s the start (day 2) of a fresh month and that means a new desktop background. For me anyhow. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite places to find fresh looks for those cold desktops. (Six more weeks of winter! Haven’t ya heard?)

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The first, above, is from Oh, Hello Friend, which just happens to be one of my favorite blogs to read. This is a closeup on the full desktop image. Danni over at OHF always puts together different sizes, including phone-sized!

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The second pair of calendars are ready for the whole year and come from one of my favorite blog styling sites, Pugly Pixel. The above shot isn’t what you’ll see on your desktop. There’s some closeups of a hand drawn set over some other gray ones for a “messy desktop.” Again, Katrina has several sizes available for download. (*I’m currently using her black hand drawn set!)

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This last set comes from a new addition to my blogroll, Our Paper Shop. Indeed, as the name implies, it is a paper shop, but their blog is simply fab too. We’ve got two options, the simple “Know Yourself” option (left) and the “Happy Love Month” option (right). Also downloadable in many sizes including phone-sized! I don’t have to tell you guys which one is my favorite of these two, right?

Got any desktop goodies you love? Please do share!

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