#ArtSupplies Gets Me Every Time

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I love art supplies. In fact I’ve got a closet full of ’em stashed at my mom’s house.

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So, I went on a little keyword search to conjure up some of those warm fuzzies I remember from endless hours of coloring, and painting, and creating and so on and such.

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I love Instagram… and Statigram is a great web-based feed to follow Instagram users.
(If you’d like, you can follow me, @copykelly)

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So please just indulge my childhood memories. And give in to your creative tendencies.

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Embrace the colors. Oh, and the textures.

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Go paint, draw, color, doodle, bedazzle. Do something creative every day.

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What are you waiting for? Grab some paper. A napkin. Anything. Put your weapon of choice to work.

{P.S. Today is Mr. Gets Me Every Time’s birthday! Happy Birthday to him!
Everyone check back tomorrow for a special look at some homemade birthday treats.}

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