Sweet Valentines Get Me Every Time

The countdown continues. T-2 weeks ’till that fateful lovey dovey holiday we all know and abhor love, Valentine’s Day. (Yes, I know I am milking this Valentine’s thing. I just love love you guys. Maybe it’s a newlywed thing?)

Because I can’t tear myself away from the Pinterest these days, I couldn’t help but give my ol’ pinner a break when I came across the cutest idea from one of my daily blogroll stops, You Are My Fave.

IMG_0363| source |

Inspired by Melanie’s (author & “featured dancer” of You Are My Fave) use of Frappuccino bottles, candy & labels, I started to put together some of my own Valentine’s candy gifts of the same sort.

I’m still working on the final product, but I put together some of my own labels I’m printing here at home.

I grabbed some decal paper out of my old project stash, so I’m planning on testing out the printing on that.

I kept the palette sweet and the frames simple.

Best of all, I’ve got all 8 (yes there are eight) on a PDF for you, if you want, of course.

Use them in cards, on your blog or in your own DIY Valentine’s projects. What are you makin’ for your someone sweet this year? Time’s a tickin’! Get your free PDF here.

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