Stained Glass Gets Me Every Time

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Back in the fall, I was cruising around Pinterest and spotted these blue mason jars with a DIY to go along with it. So, I headed over to this blog to get the step-by-step.

It’s amazingly simple. All you need is some glue, water, food coloring, paint brushes and some patience. My jars, and my photos, don’t look quite as amazing as the authors, but they don’t look terribly bad either.

Check it out. Before and after on the left. and two finished jars on the right. The only thing I did differently than the author of the tutorial was to use a finishing spray. I knew that the jars would be used to hold cooking utensils (we’re more than short on drawer space here) so I sprayed a protective coat on the outside of the jars. That way, when I washed them, the color wouldn’t run.

More Pinterest goodness to come. Just you wait.

Also–thanks for everyone’s patience as I figure out this whole blogging thing. I was away on business this past week and I neglected to update. We’re back in action now though. Does anyone else have a three-day weekend? If so,enjoy!



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