Kelly’s Gets Me Every Time

Yes. That’s right. I recently took my first trip to the infamous Kelly’s Roast Beef. (No, I have no affiliation of this, my namesake of roast beef chains.) Now, while it wasn’t the original location in Revere Beach, it was still fantastic. It just so happens that the store where we went couch hunting happens to play host to a Kelly’s RB as well.

The hubs and I split this bag of greasy onion rings, which were gone before I remembered to snap a picture. He ordered the roast beef, seen above, and I, ashamedly, just got a chicken sandwich. I was so stuffed from the holidays, I couldn’t imagine eating a roast beef sandwich! I know, I know. I did manage to sneak more than a few tastes of his sandwich however and it was super tasty.

I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Good thing it’s lunchtime here!


PS. In other news, we’re looking at a major warm-up over the weekend here in Boston. Get out and enjoy it while you can!

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