Guest Books Get Me Every Time

Who knew that the wedding projects continue after the big day? I sure didn’t. But, I’m not letting that ignorance stop me. At our May 2011 wedding we used these simple gray tags as part of our guestbook. The guests simply wrote on a tag and hung it on a pegboard. The tags were seen throughout most of our wedding stationary. Take a look:

You can see that we used these tags on our save the dates, our invites and at the wedding itself as escort cards featuring customized buttons. They were also on our favors–sweet gifts of candy for the end of the night.

But, I’m getting off track here.

So, we have all these tags that our guests wrote on still sitting in a box—7 months after our wedding. What to do? Before the wedding we thought we’d reuse the pegboard. But. No. It was all warped by the time it went from reception to cab to hotel to car to home.

Lucky for us, we’ve got 6 white frames lying around. A perfect place to begin. Now, how do we lay them out? That’s where I’m hoping you guys can help.

The first option is ok. But is it too crowded?

Now we’re getting somewhere, but maybe a little overkill on the white though.

Alright. Room to breath. But a little chaotic. (*the paper is the same that was covering the pegboard)

So. What’s it gonna be? Anyone out there have any advice on these guys?


  1. brigzorn says:

    I love seeing my tag in the mix!! I like option one the best….espcially if you do it with all four frames hanging closesly together. But what do I know, the ‘ballots’ from our wedding gues book are still in a box somewhere. I might have to steal this post idea!

    • Kelly says:

      That’s one vote for number one. I’m a fan of this one too because it give some sort of organization. Steal away girl! xo

    • Kelly says:

      Bunting does sound quite cute. Maybe a combo of stringing ’em up, but still in a frame? I’ll do some recon this weekend and let you know. Also thinking a larger frame so they are all in one… decisions, decisions.

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